THE YELLOW GIRL — a YA thriller set in an alternate history of present-day America.

Adam’s lonely days are marked by a luminous phenomenon only he can see—the color-infused light of the human soul—and the darkness that clings to others. His peculiar sight also grants him access to any virtual door. Nicknamed the Otter, his cyber-pranks against an oppressive government give people hope. They also make him a target, but he’s not afraid of the agents who continually hunt him. His unique abilities enable him to do almost anything—except, maybe, connect with another human being….

All Danni ever wanted was family. So far, it’s not working out very well. Agents from the Bureau stole that dream the night they took her parents away, and she’s been hiding ever since. Her older brother, Elliot, is all she has left, but Danni’s known for a while that he won’t stick around. He’s up to something—maybe searching for the Otter—but whatever it is has her frightened that he’ll be taken, too. Or at the least, that she’ll be left all alone. Danni doesn’t do alone.

She’s managed, mostly, because of Nate, her childhood friend whose faithful texts have meant, well, everything. And that’s tricky, too—pretending she doesn’t have feelings for him. It’s been years since she’s seen him, and now he’s military. Their military.

But when Elliot disappears, Danni finds herself in the crosshairs of an agent whose obsession with the Otter will threaten the lives of everyone she loves. She needs Nate’s help if she’s going to survive—but needing him turns out to be one more thing she’s desperately afraid of.