Sixteen-year-old Danni can’t sleep, tormented by nightmares of her parents’ murder. She’s pretty sure they were killed for the breakthrough drug they helped develop, but that doesn’t explain the crows that flocked around her house the night the killer came, or the shadowed man who stalks her dreams—who sometimes watches from a stranger’s eyes. At least there’s Nate, her childhood friend whose daily texts have always kept her steady. He was there for her the night the killer came, and now, when they’ve finally met again.

Seventeen-year-old Adam’s lonely days are marked by a luminous phenomenon only he can see: light, soft and alive, shines within the souls of human beings. There’s darkness too, shadows that prey upon greed, fear, lust, pain. Adam was too young to stop a shadowed man from using a new drug to devastate his sister’s life, but now he finds meaning in helping others…or punishing them. His vendetta-fueled pranks against the drug’s manufacturer make him a national target, but he’s not afraid of the agents who continually hunt him. It’s the loneliness he fears, the shadows it attracts.

But sometimes…Adam dreams of fields and dandelions and a girl whose quiet grief connects them. When he discovers she exists, he can’t believe the deeper link between them: the drug her murdered parents invented—the same he’s vowed to destroy. Breaking his own rule, he reaches out. He never meant to hurt her.

When one brief exchange between them puts Danni in the crosshairs of a man authorized to kill again to keep a secret hidden, Adam knows he has to help her. They’re connected now, irreversibly, by something more sinister, more far-reaching than either of them suspects. Because the crow-like shadow that haunts Danni’s dreams is real…and coming for her. If she can’t face him, she’ll lose everyone, including the boy she might love.