There were too many crows in the yard the night the shadowed man came. 

“I’ll be right behind you, Dandelion.” The last words Danni ever heard her father say before she ran into the night, right before her parents were murdered. Years later, sixteen-year-old Danni is still running. She pretends to be a normal high school girl, but she can’t shake the feeling the shadowed man is still watching. Sometimes from her dreams, sometimes from a stranger’s eyes. At least there’s Nate, the boy she left behind whose faithful texts have meant, well…everything. But on the day they finally meet again, Danni’s past comes crashing down around her.

“Someone’s looking for you…don’t let him find you.” The text is from an unknown contact. Danni’s thoughts fly back to that night—to the breakthrough drug her parents helped develop—and a secret worth killing for. When a man who somehow knows her name pursues her in town, the darkness in his eyes too familiar, Danni does the thing she’s always done: run.

Hunted and desperate, Danni must decide if she can trust the cryptic, message-sending stranger. But even as she follows the clues he’s left, supposedly leading her to safety, Danni wonders how he knows so much about her. Somehow they’re connected…but is he trying to help her…or track her down? One thing is clear: it’s time to stop running. Maybe come out swinging. Because the crow-like thing that haunts her dreams is real, and coming for her. And if she can’t face him, she’ll lose everyone. Including the boy she might love.