It’s been ten years since her parents’ murder, and still, Danni’s haunted. The crows that flocked around her house the night the killer came now scratch at the window in her dreams; a faceless man watches from the corners of her mind. She’s managed—mostly—because of Nate, the childhood friend who’s always kept her steady. His faithful texts over the years have meant, well, everything.

But as Danni takes her first real steps out of her childhood trauma, the past comes crashing down around her. Convinced their parents were killed for the breakthrough drug they helped develop, known simply as V, Danni’s older brother Elliot needs answers. Lately he’s obsessed with a mysterious hacker whose cyber-pranks against the drug seem…personal.

Finding him turns out to be a bad idea.

One brief exchange with the infamous hacker—a lonely boy whose peculiar vision lets him see the color-infused light (and dark) in every human soul—brings Danni to the forefront of a deadly manhunt. Because the intended effects of V are a carefully guarded secret, and the truth has more to do with Danni than she knows. Now the man from her nightmares is coming for her, coming for the girl that got away long ago. And if she can’t face him, she’ll lose everyone. All over again.